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Program description

The Campus Correspondent program is designed to be an internship program that provides you with health promotion experience and an accompanying body of work. This position places you as an “in-the-field” reporter, to engage your peers in video interviews about resources available at your school. Each month you will conduct on campus interviews with 6-12 students and one faculty member working in an area relevant to your topic. All questions asked are based on a predetermined topic.

The raw footage is digitally submitted to, edited, and processed by Student Health 101 and then published in your SH101 edition each month. In addition to monthly interviews, the Campus You are also responsible for submitting a monthly introduction in which you state your name, the topic, and a little bit of information regarding that topic on your campus. Your monthly segments can be found under your school tab of your SH101 website.

Our expectations

You are responsible for:

  • Selecting a campus department or a health & wellness related topic to report on each month (you are welcome to be as creative as you would like or choose from a selection of topics in the Campus Correspondent editorial calendar).
  • Researching your campus department or topic (department websites and credible sources are acceptable).
  • Recording an intro video of yourself introducing the department or topic, an interview video with a professional within the selected department, and 6-12 student video interviews.
  • Submitting video interviews electronically to Student Health 101.
  • Documenting information for the faculty/staff and students interviewed.
  • Semester reviews with your Client Services Team Member.

Communication expectations are as follows:

  • Emails should be responded to within two business days (defined as Monday-Friday).
  • Scheduled deadlines should be met as specified:
    – 10th of the month prior: Topic research submitted.
    – 15th of the month prior: Video interview files submitted.
  • If you are in need of a late submission, you must notify us by the 5th of the month prior. When two consecutive months of submission are missed, without notifying your Client Services team member, the Correspondent will be placed on probation. Should three consecutive months are missed, without notifying  your Client Services team member, Student Health 101 and your school reserve the right to terminate this agreement. If a camera was provided, then it must be returned to your on campus contact within 10 days.
  • Should the Correspondent no longer wish to complete this internship, your Client Services team member and the on campus contact must be notified at least 30 days in advance. After notifying both parties, we request two references for students to take over the position. If you do not wish to hold the position, the camera provided must be returned to the on campus contact within 10 days.


  • If you have any questions on the above information, please contact your Client Services team member for clarification.