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Where can I find students to interview?

The best places for locating students to interview are high-traffic areas on campus. These could be cafeterias, cafés, student centers, libraries, etc. If you are having an exceptional amount of trouble, please speak with your school contact who may be able to provide you with additional locations and/or students to interview.

What if no one wants to talk to me?

If you are having trouble finding students who are willing to interview, try contacting a health related club or organization who may be able to speak on the topics, as well as discuss their club’s involvement. Or try scheduling interviews in advance. Use your networks of friends and peers to reach other students as well. You may also want to reach out to your professors or a faculty member that work on your campus for an interview.

What if I can’t meet the deadline?

Please inform your Client Services team member as soon as possible if you are unable to meet a deadline or fear you will miss one. They will be able to advise you on the appropriate steps to ensure your content is received.

If you’re not on my campus, where are you?

Student Health 101 is located outside Boston, Massachusetts in the U.S. Your Client Services team member is available via phone, Skype, or email should you have any questions or concerns.

Can I edit my videos?

This not a requirement for any Campus Correspondent. We do prefer videos to be edited in house by our Video Production Associate. However, if you are planning on doing any video editing, please ensure that your videos are coming to us in a common file format. Please refer to the video recording page under the camera and release section for a list of these formats.

Can I list you as a reference?

Absolutely! If you are planning on listing us as a reference, please just inform us in advance. We can provide a letter of recommendation after successful completion of the internship.

How can I become a Campus Correspondent?

Go to cc.studenthealth101.com/apply and apply today!